BERGFELD’s is Celebrating our 30th Year of helping Clients!

Kristin P. BergfeldWelcome to BERGFELD’s. You’ve come to the right place.

Clearing out, downsizing or leaving a home of many years can seem overwhelming.  Especially so for a beloved home with a lifetime’s accumulation of meaningful ‘stuff’.

I know some of what you are facing from my own experience.  Over 30 years ago, I went through this process caring for my father during his treatments for cancer, and, after his death, working at clearing our family’s home of 35 years.

How to begin? How to find the right services to help you? During this period of radical transition, making sense of special instructions and circumstances can be difficult. It can be upsetting and leave you feeling vulnerable and alone. You need to be certain that everything, all details, are managed according to your wishes, correctly, honestly and on schedule.

BERGFELD’s does this for you.

For 30 years, BERGFELD’s has provided individuals and families with the full range of essential services needed to totally manage personal property and clear out a home.   Whether you are downsizing for an upcoming move or clearing the estate of a loved one, we tailor our services to fit your needs.

We also have extensive experience helping clients whose hoarding puts them, their homes and often their neighbors at serious risk.  Such risks include fire hazard, property damage, public nuisance as well as threat to personal health, safety and wellbeing.  In the past 15 years, BERGFELD’s has worked with a record number of people who are threatened with eviction or are having their discharge from the hospital delayed because of the hazardous conditions in their home.

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