2008 Events

Participating in local and national conferences has always been an important way for BERGFELD's to share our 20 years of experience in business and exchange knowledge with colleagues in related fields.  We have collaborated with some wonderful organizations and people, and will continue to do more of it this year.   

BERGFELD's is very excited about starting off the new year with a new venue...teaching in the NSGCD online teleclass!  There have been many interesting developements in the areas of elder care, hoarding, and even within our own company.  We want to share information that we know will be interesting and helpful to our visitors and we are continually adding to our "hot topics", "current events", and "honoring history", pages.

St Louis, MO

Sept 25 - 27, 2008


NSGCD selected BERGFELD's to serve on a very distinguished board of NSGCD members to collaborate in updating the Clutter Hoarding Scale which is currently in progress.  This important update is scheduled to be completed in 2009.


January 7, 2008 8 - 9:30 PM EST


BERGFELD's was honored to be a part of a teleclass titled: "Compulsive Hoarding and Acquiring: Approaching with Caution: A Team Approach is the Way to Go!"

Kristin was one of a panel of four discussing this very important topic. 


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