Conserving Archives / Preserving History

Preservation of private archives is a core function of our services.  Over the years, many clients in the performing arts and public life have relied on BERGFELD's to entrust the appropriate museum, library, or university with their designated documents and historical memorabilia.

To illustrate our commitment to honoring history, we include these summaries of some of our clients who have been prize-winning biographers and poets, performing artists, and other notable professionals. 

We also rescue and manage a wide range of memorabilia, ephemera, and collectibles for our clients.  We are pleased to share a selection of these from our photo gallery.

Notable Professionals


James T. Flexner


Katherine Flowers 

Dancer / choreographer

Trudi Frank




Memorabilia, ephemera, and collectibles

People collect things.  Some collections begin by accident.  A passing comment about a particular fondness can lead to an accumulation of gifts from friends & family which blossoms into a collection.  Some are inherited, while others are slowly built and maintained over time.   The items vary widely as do the methods of collecting but the underlying theme is the passage of time, a fascination with historical events, or the marking of one's own lifespan and the people, places, and cultures encountered along the journey.  We have gathered together some of the items that we have come across ranging from the historically fascinating; a theatre and opera scrap book from 1900, to the very poignant; a collection of prayer cards and obituaries.  We hope you will enjoy browsing through them.  Click on any picture below to see more of the corresponding collection.


Prayer cards


Political buttons

Theatre and opera 1900-1902





Match books










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