Leaving a home, for whatever reason, can be difficult, especially at a time of stress. Understandably, people often don't know how to begin, and it is further complicated if it must be done from a distance. At these times of radical change and stress, you need to be certain that everything, all details are managed correctly, conflicts resolved satisfactorily, and tasks performed on schedule, according to your needs and wishes, and done well, sensitively and honestly. At a time of major transition, many want help with the task of managing many details.

BERGFELD's can do all of this for you.

Founded in 1987, BERGFELD's purposes are to give clients peace of mind in a difficult time, to maximize the value of their personal property, and to redirect their reusable items to others in need. We ease the burden of tackling multiple details, possibly conflicting agendas and schedules. We collaborate with appraisers, moving and storage companies, auction houses, dealers, collectors, thrift shops, charities and building managers.

BERGFELD's clients have often confided that the most important benefit of our taking care of their arrangements and logistics were their feelings of relief, comfort and security in knowing that their wishes were being met professionally. Many also recognize that because of our 25 years of experience and attention to detail, they were protected from being exploited at a time of personal stress, and from making decisions that they might later regret.

Kristin P. Bergfeld, graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, earned an MES from Bank Street College of Education in New York, and attended Columbia University's Graduate School of Business Administration.  She actively participates in, and frequently presents seminars at conferences such as the ASA/NCOA (American Society on Aging and National Council on the Aging) annual meeting, NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), and CNYC (Council of New York City Cooperatives) on estate planning, elder care, and hoarding.  She also serves as a founding member of the New York City Hoarding Task Force.

She gained personal insight when caring for her father during his battle with cancer, and, after his death, assisting in clearing the family's 6 bedroom house of 35 years. She draws on these experiences professionally to assist others.

Principles and Practices

Our success is based on these principles and practices:

Personal commitment to clients' needs and wishes with honesty, consistent availability to them, sensitive and individual caring, and thoroughness with dignity, respect, and confidentiality.

Protection for clients by our knowledge of government and trade regulations, service codes and licenses and 18 years of experience. We also advise clients about risks and 'schemes' to avoid.

Professional procedures include an onsite evaluation (at no charge or obligation), written and 'fee for service' contract, coordinating with other professionals (such as elder care managers, real estate brokers, estate attorneys, accountants, contractors and building staff). We prepare "Final Reports" for clients documenting work, financial summaries and IRS forms.

Privacy is strictly maintained about clients' property, family dynamics, finances, personal habits and details of services for which we are hired. Photos are taken only with the client's prior and expressed permission.  BERGFELD's Privacy Policy.

Preservation of private archives is an essential part of our services.  Over the years, many clients in the performing arts or public life have relied on BERGFELD's to entrust the appropriate museum, library, or university with their designated documents and historical memorabilia.

We work for and are compensated by our clients only. BERGFELD's is not a "buy out", liquidation, or consignment dealer. We have no financial stake in any sale of a client's personal or real property, and would decline it if offered.

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