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Since 1987, BERGFELD's has been fortunate to receive unsolicited publicity from national media: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, New York Post, Readers Digest, BBC/Discovery Channel, Martha Stewart Radio, and CBSTV.

In 2010, BERGFELD's launched Partnerships for the Elderly™ , a pro bono program designed to assist qualified elders with hoarding issues in collaboration with other professionals. Our first project was covered in The New York Times and on the CBS 11:00 News.

NY Times Blog article

January 10, 2010, BERGFELD's was the subject of a New York Times online article in The New Old Age blog titled "When it isn't Just Clutter Anymore" by Paula Span.


BERGFELD's was invited to appear on "Morning Living" on Martha Stewart Living Radio for an hour long interview on August 13, 2007.  The topic of the program was: "Finding a New Home For Your Extra Things".  It was a great honor to be on Martha Stewart's show. The interview, which was broadcast live and conducted by Martha Stewart's associates Dean Olsher and Betsy Karetnick, was an absolute delight and a very welcome opportunity to share some of our expertise with the listening audience of Sirius Satellite Radio.



On May 12, 2006, BERGFELD's was featured in a wonderful front page article in The Wall Street Journal:

"Grandma, the Packrat: New Approach Find Pearls Amid the Junk

Declutterers Reunite Hoarders With Buried Possessions; Diamonds in the Luggage"

In this extensive story, Kelly Greene focuses on our work with a client to clear and reconfigure her home. We are pleased to provide this link to the entire article, obtained with full permission of the Wall Street Journal.


Kelly Greene is the 2005 recipient of the American Society on Aging (ASA) National Media Award, given "to the journalist whose work has had an exceptional impact on public awareness of issues related to aging at the local

and national levels." Ms. Greene has covered retirement and aging issues for The Wall Street Journal since January, 2001.

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Kristin Bergfeld was invited to author a piece about the evolution of BERGFELD's for the March/April 2007 edition of ARCSI News.




                                                                           photography by Rex Dittman (646) 284-0701

                                                           Kristin P. Bergfeld


BERGFELD's is featured in an extensive article about estate clearance in the "Home Section" of the New York Post (November 6, 2004).  We are cited as the comprehensive service recommended by the prominent elder care lawfirm of Freedman, Fish, and Grimaldi, LLP.


"New York City-based BERGFELD's Estate Clearance Service, for example, has uncovered valuable jewelry, musical instruments and historically important documents for clients, who sometimes mix treasures with trash." Hilight from a March 2007 article by Deborah Branscum (www.stuffola.net) published in Reader's Digest.

"BERGFELD's takes the larger view, and allows for personal touches. Family members are relieved both of a heavy job and a heavier emotional burden. BERGFELD's goal is to maximize value of a client's possessions."
Douglass Martin, "About New York", The New York Times


"BERGFELD's will do the whole job, and make whatever has to happen go on." Joan Hamburg, Consumer Advocate, WOR Radio


Featured by CNN's business profile "Earth Smart", highlighting BERGFELD's use of nontoxic household cleaners and environmentally sustainable practices.


Featured in article about nontoxic cleaning products. ADWEEK


"BERGFELD's...empties and recycles entire homes...that's 54,310 cubic feet that did not become landfill or street litter..."  [in one year]
E-The Environmental Magazine


DISCOVERY Channel/BBC Television has an ongoing "reality TV" series about hoarders called "Life of Grime".  In summer 2004, BBC filmed BERGFELD's for one of these series.  In this episode, BERGFELD's responds to a call from a building manager about a tenant whose apartment has become a fire hazard.  Watch us in action as we remove and recycle 8 tons of newspapers, magazines, and books, reorganize his home, and scrub it clean.  This was first aired on DISCOVERY Channel on March 9, 2005 and again on June 11. 



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