What’s in the home?  Accounting for the client’s personal property.
We begin with an informal, general list. Later, a detailed and documented inventory may be necessary. BERGFELD’s can prepare spread sheets for equitable distribution, bids by dealers, and donations to charities depending on your priorities.

What’s it worth?  Keep it?  Sell it?  Donate it?
To find out, a certified appraisal may be required. Appraisals can be done according to your purposes such as estate settlement, insurance, fair market value, or resale.

We have developed professional associations with certified and independent appraisers who conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and IRS guidelines.

The “lost” is found.
We often find items that families had been looking for such as safe deposit keys, jewelry, ancestral photos, financial documents. We inform you and send these to you immediately.

A link to the past…

We often discover important historical items and archival material while sorting through a client’s possessions.  In consultation with the family or an executor, we arrange for preservation and donation to the appropriate public or private institutions.  BERGFELD’s is committed to honoring history.