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Category: Hoarding Knowledge Base

Hoarding Information and Resources

Some years ago, inspired by the work of Randy Frost and Gail Steketee, a few municipalities created a “Hoarding Task Force” specifically designed to tackle the issue of hoarding in their area. The purpose was to gather together members from local public and private agencies to better coordinate services in this effort. The New York […]

Junk Mail Reduction

Reducing the volume of things that come into our homes takes only a little effort. You can decrease the flow of junk mail piling up in your mailbox and on your kitchen table. Guaranteed results? Reduce your stress and help our environment. We have compiled this list of resources to assist you in your efforts. […]

Clutter-Hoarding Scale™ by the ICD

Kristin Bergfeld is one of five writers of the Clutter-Hoarding Scale™ released in 2011 and published by ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization formerly NSGCD). The ICD Clutter-Hoarding Scale™ is available as a free download, although a donation is encouraged. Simply visit the C-HS page on the ICD website to download.

Hoarding: Collyer Bros. Syndrome

What is hoarding?   Hoarding, can be described as the excessive aquisition and retention of possessions of limited utility or value, to a point that interferes with a person’s day to day life. Hoarding is also know as Collyer Bros. Syndrome because of an extreme case involving two New York City brothers in the early 1900’s.   […]