Once the home is emptied, how clean should it be? It depends…

Broom Clean” means the minimum standard to which a home must be cleaned before the sale is final, or an apartment is returned to the landlord. Specified appliances, fixtures and hardware remain.

Heavy Duty” means cleaning areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, floor, washing windows so that the home can be put on the market for sale and attract a higher sale price.

Make Over” includes the above, plus modest repainting, removing old carpeting, and polishing floors so that the home presents well when put on the market for sale. BERGFELD’s can arrange for licensed painting contractors, carpet companies as well as floor refinishers.



BEFORE                                                                  AFTER 






After family members have received specified property, dealers have removed items purchased, and charities have received donations, BERGFELD’s disposes of remaining property in compliance with the landlord’s and City Dept. of Sanitation’s regulations. If a private carter and rental of a dumpster are required, we obtain competitive bids by licensed carters and make necessary arrangements for you.


7 yard dumpster truck


                                                                      30 yard “roll off” container



After completing your project, BERGFELD’s prepares a “Final Report” for you. This typically includes inventories, tax-related documentation, IRS forms, financial summaries, photos and other relevant records that may be specified by you, your Trust and Estate Attorney or Accountant. This is sent to you within 2 weeks of our receiving final payment from you for our services.