By Invitation Only

When a client has property to sell or auction, BERGFELD's invites selected dealers, auction houses, and collectors to come to the client's home to bid on specific items.

In order to best serve our clients, we have developed professional associations with selected auction houses and dealers who are established, reputable and who, in our experience, offer our clients the best prices.

Complete the following registration form if you would like to be included among this group of selected dealers, and receive invitations to bid on client offerings. Please be as specific as possible in describing your areas of specialty:

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We work for and are compensated by our clients only. BERGFELD's is not a 'buy out', liquidation, or consignment dealer. We never take possession of a client's property and do not own a gallery. We have no financial stake in any sale of a client's personal or real property and would decline it if offered.

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