BERGFELD’s Estate Clearance Service provides the full range of essential services to totally manage personal property and clear out a home vacated by a death, move or relocation. Many of our clients request that BERGFELD’s provide all of these services. Some prefer to take care of some arrangements themselves, and retain BERGFELD’s for selected services. They make a selection according to their special needs, wishes and priorities.

BERGFELD’s services include:
Appraisals / Inventories
Cleaning / Discarding
Distributing / Shipping / Moving / Storing
Donating to Charity / Tax Deductions
Hoarding / Clutter Clearance
Selling / Auctions
Conserving Archives / Preserving History

Every step and the overall plan are custom tailored according to your instructions and are personally supervised by Kristin P. Bergfeld.

Our Fee Schedule:

An onsite evaluation and written estimate to outline scope, phases, and costs of work are offered to potential clients at no charge or obligation. BERGFELD’s contracts are on a ‘fee for service’ basis. Current hourly rates available upon request.