All items to be offered for sale remain within the home until they are sold and removed by accepted buyers. BERGFELD's does not ever take possession of a client's property and we do not own a gallery.

Based on your specification of items that are available for sale, we schedule appointments with selected likely dealers to come to the home to view these items. Written bids are summarized and reviewed with you for your acceptance or rejection. The accepted dealers pay you, the client directly and in full.

BERGFELD's works with established, top quality antique galleries, private antique dealers and collectors, as well as antiquarian and rare book dealers. 

Among these are...

Argosy Book Store Inc.
Christie's Inc.

E.K. Schreiber Rare Books

Elliott Galleries

Knickerbocker Books

Old Print Shop Inc.
Swann Galleries Inc.
Tepper Galleries Inc.

William Doyle Galleries
Plus, specialized dealers in vintage clothing, toys, silver, Orientalia, musical instruments, autographs, and historical ephemora.

Dealers and buyers desiring to be invited to bid on clients' property, see "By Invitation Only"

We work for and are compensated by our clients only. BERGFELD's is not a "buy out", liquidation, or consignment dealer. We do not ever take possession of a client's property and do not own a gallery.  We have no financial stake in any sale of a client's personal or real property, and would decline it if offered.



                                                          Player piano with music rolls


      Folding  Map of the City of New York 1827

Kaethe Kollwitz etching

    Buccelati tea set



                                                                                                                      Staffordshire Figures


                Yankee Stadium seat



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