BERGFELD’s has been privileged to work with and for people from a wealth of varied backgrounds, circumstances, and professions. We appreciate both our valued clients and our colleagues who have assisted us to accomplish our goals. Below is a sampling of testimonials, letters and citations that we have gratefully received.


  • Jennifer Addonizio Rozen

    Kristin and her team were remarkable to work with. I am an attorney who has worked with Bergfeld's Clearance Service several times. My most memorable experience working with Kristin was in the context of my representation of a person who had hoarding tendencies and faced eviction as a result. Hiring Kristin was a lifesaver. She and her team were able to help my client clear the apartment and ultimately, save her home. They were kind, compassionate, understanding and incredibly effective. I cannot possibly recommend Kristin and her team highly enough.

  • Jimmy Lathrop

    Bergfeld's Estate Clearance assisted me with a client facing eviction who suffered from Collyer's Syndrome. Kristin gained my client's trust and completely restored the apartment, preserving a 40 year tenancy. Discreet, reassuring and very caring; I hope to work with her again soon.

  • The Estate of Amy Clampitt

    "BERGFELD's was extremely thorough and displayed a genuine respect for the deceased. The confidentiality of (the heirs) and (our client) was duly preserved."


  • Peter G., Esq.

    NYC and Virginia

    "You got everything and everybody out of our home of 25 years on time and under budget with a combination of military efficiency and sympathy."

  • Richard H. Kuh, Esq.

    "I appreciate the very excellent work that you did… decisively and effectively."

Real Estate Brokers

  • Sherry Matays

    I have worked with Kristin Bergfeld and her team multiple times. It is a pleasure to have someone as professional as she guide clients through a “clean-out process” – often the most daunting part of getting a property on the market. Most recently she assisted with the clearing out of a large, over-crowded townhouse. She handled all of the moving parts with ease, playing an important role in a highly successful sale.

  • Beatrice Ducrot

    "I will be very happy to recommend you to all my colleagues as well as to anyone selling an apartment who does not have the time or the capacity to deliver "broom clean."

  • Deanna Kory

    Broker, The Halstead Property Co.

    "A fabulous and highly professional service for my client in the apartment moved into over 50 years ago! Terrific job, in such a short period of time, resulted in a very quick sale at a very good price."

  • Jean Toedter

    Broker, Warburg Realty Partnership

    "Through all of your dealing with us, lawyers and heirs, you showed so much patience, constant communications, instilled client confidence with our buyers."

Clients In The Performing Arts

  • Allen Streicker

    "The Northwestern University Archives is pleased to acknowledge it's recent receipt of the Katherine Flowers' Papers.  Without your obvious enthusiasm they may well have become unavailable to future researchers. Many thanks for your courtesy and professionalism."

  • Abigail Disney

    "Thank you for helping our family move under what turned out to be extraordinarily stressful circumstances. We could not have done it without you."

  • Theodora Lurie

    "Your expert guidance and efficient service greatly reduced the stress that… accompanied this painful task."

  • Dan Chayefsky

    The Estate of Susan and Paddy Chayefsky, Academy Award winning screenwriter of "Marty" and "Network.".

    "You skillfully coordinated interaction and schedules of many professionals… handled minutest details with remarkable care… organized and documented countless items [incl. archives], assisted me greatly with complex legal and tax ramifications. Thank you for your integrity and mastery…"

  • Schuyler G. Chapin

    "This letter is to express personal gratitude to Kristin Bergfeld. She can be trusted."

Clients In Public Life and Academicians

Families Living Far Away From New York

  • Adam S

    Los Altos, CA

    We needed help clearing out my mother's UWS apartment that she had lived in for almost 50 years before she died. Bergfeld's did a fantastic job for us. Kristin came to the apartment, did a walk through and provided an estimate.

    Her and her team came precisely on-time every day and were courteous and conscientious the whole time. Kristin was able to arrange buyers to come and look at the few items that had some value and found charities that would pick up the other donations.

    With Bergfeld's help, we were able to clear out the whole apartment in 4 days - 1 day less than the estimate. In the rush at the end, we paid the balance on the original estimate (for 5 days). A few days later we received an email from Kristin informing us of the error and they sent us a check for the difference. What a great display of integrity!

    We could not have cleared out my mother's apartment without Bergfeld's, they were a great company to work with. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

  • Dan R

    "I remember well the incredible work you and your staff completed on my uncle's apartment and still appreciate the care and respect that was included in that work.  Congratulations on 30 years of your work....I still feel deep gratitude for the incredible work you did on his and my family's behalf."

  • Gary (PhD, MD) and Debra (Esq.)


    "Our gratitude for the brilliant job organizing years and years of papers and documents for [elderly uncle] and clearing his apartment."

  • Dr. Norton

    "Your dedication and energy were invaluable in getting us through [moving our mother from Queens] to live near us in Washington, DC.

  • Alice Parker

    Alice Parker, Widely Acclaimed Composer, Conductor, Teacher, and Lifelong Collaborator with Robert Shaw. In 1985 she founded Melodious Accord, a prolific organization dedicated to performing, publishing, and teaching American choral music and hymn singing.

    "What a tower of strength you were to me, as I moved from my house of 30 years. [Your] patience and thoroughness were exemplary."

  • Bill P.

    MD, Washington, DC

    "The prospect of selling, giving away, and clearing out (Mom's) home of 25 years was daunting. You more than lived up to your promise, on time, on budget. What could have been a nightmare was a comfortable and simple experience for me, due entirely to your professionalism."

  • Vanessa M.


    "Your honesty gave us thorough and accurate assessment of grandmother's personal effects, and great peace of mind. I highly recommend BERGFELD's."

  • Nancy G. and Joan G.

    Virginia, Tennesse

    "With enormous tact and understanding, you helped us (when our father died)."

  • Lisa A.


    "When my parents were ready to join me, I could not have managed without Kristin."

  • Jane P.

    Seattle, Washington

    "Thank you for the great assistance you provided for my stepfather during his recent move from his home of 40 years, to assisted care.  Your firm but gentle approach was just what was needed.  Your staff worked hard and in a very professional manner.  A wonderful service for families who are unable help in a move like this."

Charitable Organizations

  • Kevin Livingston

    "Working with BERGFELD's has allowed me the opportunity to provide business attire for young men going back to work via their donation. I was a small organization and Kristin heeded to our call for clothing and we are forever grateful. Congrats on your success and many more"

  • LensCrafters Foundation

    Giving the Gift of Sight - LensCrafters Foundation

    "Heart-felt thanks for [your clients'] donations of eyeglasses to give the 'Gift of Sight' to people in developing countries".

  • Housing Works Thrift Shop

    "We have received exceptional donations…Nothing goes to waste and she certainly helps everyone along the way."

  • New York City Opera Thrift Shop

    "We estimate donor value from your clients' at $ 500,000 [in the past 10 years]. These help continue our commitment of presenting emerging American talent and mounting bold and provocative productions."

  • Mrs. Vincent (Brooke) Astor

    Praised as an Industry Partner by Mrs. Vincent (Brooke) Astor.

  • Sanctuary for Families

    "Thank you so much for arranging the thoughtful donation of clothing for our shelter. It is obvious that you took seriously the needs and limitations of our program."